GO : Episode 12 - Listener Q & A

This is an extended episode to answer our most common listener questions including: best ways to ship your stuff, whether or not to transport your car, finding housing and adjusting to the island lifestyle.

GO : Episode 10 - The New Year Update

After a long break and all the holiday happenings we are back and more excited than ever to share our adventure with you. In this episode, we provide a few updates and fill you in on some goals that we've set for 2015.

GO : Episode 7 - October on Oahu

We've fallen in love with Hawai‘i in autumn and although we can hardly feel the shift in weather there's plenty to talk about when it comes to the changes in our routine since moving to Oahu a little over two months ago.

GO : Episode 6 - Starting From Scratch

Aloha from Hawaii! It's a been a whirlwind of change. Tune in as we bring you up to date on our transition to life on Oahu. We'll discuss the first few weeks of island living and what it means to "start from scratch" in the middle of the Pacific.

GO : Episode 5 - Aloha (Part 1 of 2)

In this first of a two-part episode we catch up with Jason (via Skype) who is now on Oahu and has just signed a lease for our house. We discuss his first few days on the island, the process of looking for a place to live and a not-so-chance encounter with a fellow podcaster. 

GO : Episode 4 - Thank You

In this episode we pause to express our gratitude to all the friends and family that have provided support, guidance and the reassurance we needed to keep our goal of moving to Hawai'i a reality. Additionally, we discuss meeting a major milestone (moving from New York to Colorado) as we progress toward eventually living on Oahu.


GO : Episode 1 - An Introduction

In this first episode we introduce ourselves, discuss why we created this podcast, and how we made the decision to move our family and design business to Hawai‘i site unseen.